Kockázati figyelmeztetés: A CFD-k összetett eszközök, és nagy a kockázata a gyors pénzvesztésnek tőkeáttételre. A lakossági befektetői számlák túlnyomó többsége pénzt veszít a CFD-k kereskedése során. Meg kell fontolnia, hogy tisztában van-e a CFD-k működésével, és képes-e vállalhatja a pénz elvesztésének nagy kockázatát.



Trade 300+ Instruments in the Forex, Indices, Stocks and Commodity Markets

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MT4 Trading Platforms

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Trade on a world class platform from anywhere

TIOmarkets is your gateway to global markets, providing easy to use trading platforms accessible from the web, desktop or mobile. Trade on a world class platform and benefit from live charting, technical analysis indicators and superior trading tools. Több információ

Get ultra-tight spreads & fast execution speeds

Our diversified top-tier liquidity and low latency trading environment keeps spreads low and reduces execution speeds. Benefit from competitive trading conditions across all instruments, asset classes and markets. Több információ

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Trade the world’s most popular markets

What markets are you interested in trading today?

Why trade with TIOmarkets?

  • Seamless access to global markets on a secure online trading platform
  • Competitive trading conditions and ultra-fast order execution speeds
  • Customizable leverage and negative balance protection

Trade in your favorite markets



The foreign exchange (Forex) market is the largest and most liquid market in the world, with an estimated daily turnover of over $6 trillion. Trade the major, minor and exotic currency pairs 24 hours a day, 5 days per week. Tudjon meg többet

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Indices are a great way of getting exposure to the broader stock market without having to trade individual stocks. Indices track the value of a group of stocks within a particular country, industry or market segment. You can trade major stock indices from the US, UK, Asia, Australia and Europe. Tudjon meg többet

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Go long or short your favorite companies and global brands with stock CFDs. Buy and sell share CFDs in companies like Apple, Amazon and Tesla based on how you think they will perform. Trade using leverage and take advantage of both rising and falling prices with the benefit of tight spreads. Tudjon meg többet

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Trade Gold, Silver and Platinum with low-cost trading conditions. Trade energy products with tight spreads and low commission without having to worry about taking delivery! Tudjon meg többet

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Demo Accounts

A demo trading account allows you to start trading without an initial investment and experience the markets, without risk in a simulate environment. You can create your demo account and practice trading with up to $50,000 in virtual funds. Tudjon meg többet

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